Silver Moon

13.2 m x 4.3 m 



Outstanding design with glamorous hi-end finish; Aluminium slate facade is weather-proof and maintenance-free.

As first on the market, we have introduced a clean, modern external home design that avoids gutters. Unusual, isn’t it?

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We have managed to combine the roof covering with the side facade, which allowed us to eliminate the external piping. Water from the top drips down the facade and optionally can be drained to the soak way. Moreover, using an aluminium facade slate does not require any maintenance. It means easy to clean and does not need to be painted.

We went even further….. jb silver moon static caravan

If it comes to comfort area usage of underfloor heating increases the freedom of interior design without visible radiators. Heating can be controlled with Wi-Fi, which allows you to control and regulate the temperature before you arrive from wherever you are.  The even heat distribution ensures the desired thermal comfort with clear money-saving at the same time. Elevated ceiling significantly enlarges the visual space and provides even greater freedom of leisure.

Combining it with linear, decorative LED lighting gives the space a more spacious look.

If it comes to the floor, we have done some materials trials and decided to provide an attractive appearance of rooms the same increase resistance to abrasion.

Unlikely standard panels, the vinyl we use minimize noise and are more resistant to mechanical damage.

As we are expecting our places will be under intensive usage, we are prepared for it!

The extraordinary resistance of Kerradeco wall panels makes them perfect to use in the most demanding places, such as the kitchen and bathroom. They are suitable for those who expect elegance around them and the practicality of the materials we used.

Technology doesn’t stay away…

The practical solution of using USB ports as a universal base for charging all multimedia devices. In each room, we used linear LED lighting with the possibility to control brightness.`

The adjustable illumination will provide moodiness and increase the comfort of your rest as well as will affect the friendly atmosphere in the mobile home. The even lighting of the tabletop with an LED strip will make preparing meals and kitchen work more accessible and safer.

The kitchen uses a compact HPL tabletop with increased durability and scratch resistance. High moisture resistance will allow you to keep the area where the meals are prepared to clean. The aesthetic appearance of the tabletop ideally fits the modern character of the kitchen.