Black Stone 

10 m x 4.3 m 



Static Caravans For Sale: One of the premium static caravans projects combines modern design and natural look thanks to the Siberian larch board finish at the terrace.

It is highly recommended that those who enjoy being close to nature start the day sipping coffee at the external terrace.

At this Mobile Homes For Sale project, we have used aluminium rhomboid facade tile, which is resistant to weather conditions and stays clean for a long time. Also as all our tiles require no maintenance. Side Siberian larch board finish gives the elevation timeless design.

Siberian Larch is a very durable, cost-effective timber ideally suited for cladding and fencing applications. This slow-growing Softwood gives a high-density hard finish perfect for external use. Straw coloured in appearance and fading to silvery tone over time.

Thanks to our entresol, which can be either another sleeping space or converted into additional storage for longer items like fishing rods. Also thanks to entresol the home seem to be more spacious.

The materials we used are highly resistant to scratching, high temperature, and water makes them perfect for the most demanding places as the kitchen or bathroom.

A triple glazed door opens sideways and brings the light inside the home; When open, it provides excellent access to terrace the same, creating one space between the inside and outside.

This static caravan makes an ideal spot for your family leisure time with 4-5 sleeping places.

The terrace is made of a Siberian larch board resistant to harsh weather conditions, giving you even more space to connect leisure with nature.

Thanks to the extended roof coverage, any excess daylight and rain will not be a problem.